Lifestyle Supplement: The New Normal

new normal 1She was happily married or so we thought; yet she was broken, becoming more shattered every day and she became very great at hiding it.
I found out about my mother’s sexual orientation my 7th grade year and at that time I did not understand what that would mean for me as her daughter, yet I also didn’t know what she dealt with as far as hiding it from the public eye. Having friends living the lifestyle of a homosexual never compared to having a parent living the lifestyle. Life went from having a step-father and a mother to having a mother and her girlfriend. Life as we knew it changed quickly and nobody asked questions we just went with it.

Figure 1 According to Statista 1 in 100 women and 2 in 100 men identify as homosexual.
Now years later the new normal happens to be almost the same as it would be if a family blended together, because that is what it is. My mom and her girlfriend both have kids and as the children we know that if we call one and they do not answer the other parent will. There is no such thing as having to wait for mom to get home to get advice on girl things since they are both women. However, the biggest thing is the difference in what I was taught growing up about the religious views on homosexuality and realizing that loving everyone was the most important commandment.
It is still a bit different dealing with a homosexual parent when that is what was taught against my entire childhood. Realizing that my family is not the only family that has gone through changes or that has homosexual family members, what are some things that has made it easier identifying with your family members?



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