Natural Makeup Trend Alert!

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When it comes to wearing makeup a lot of women like to look as natural as possible. Now, just because you want to come off as wearing minimal makeup doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it or have a “beat” face. The “no makeup”makeup look also known as the “natural makeup” trend has become very popular on the runways and leaves people wondering of all the tricks used to achieve such looks. My goal is to tell you how to do two simple natural makeup looks!

Before you apply any kind of makeup you should make sure your skin underneath is clean and moisturized, and for a long lasting look add primer. To achieve the first simple natural look all you will need is:
  • Concealer/Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Liquid eyeliner
  • Nude lipstick
The first natural look can be achieved by applying a small amount of concealer on your face to cover up any dark spots or problem areas. The trick with concealer is not to use too much! You could also skip this step if not needed and go straight to applying a small amount of foundation or do a full cover up.
The second step for this look is applying your liquid eyeliner to your top eyelid. This step can vary depending on the type of line you’d like.
Now that your liner has been applied, time for mascara! Apply the mascara onto your lashes in a horizontal motion then work in an upwards motion to prevent it from clumping. If you have very crazy, curly eyelashes (like myself) you might want to comb them out afterwards.
To complete this natural look apply the lipstick of your to top it off. It doesn’t have to be nude, it can be any color of your choice.
For this second look the eyeshadows used would vary depending on your skin color. To achieve the last natural makeup look you will need:
  • Concealer/Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Light pink/Bronze eyeshadow
  • Bronzer
  • Nude lipstick
The second natural look can be achieved by applying a small amount of concealer or foundation like stated in the first look.
The second step for this look is to apply the eyeshadow that matches your skin onto your eyelids. To give your eyes some more glow you can add a small amount to the creases and tear ducts as well.
Now that your eyeshadow has been applied again, time for mascara! Apply the mascara in the same motions as stated in the first look. As you can see there will be no eyeliner used in this look.
After you apply your mascara you can gently apply bronzer by starting at the top of your forehead, then dusting along your cheeks, and ending at your jawlines and chin. Bronzer is used to give your skin a tanned look, and also can be used for a light contour.
To complete this natural look apply your nude lipstick or color of your choice!
Now that I’ve shared steps to creating two very simple natural makeup looks try them out one day when you feel like switching up your look!


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