A Chic CEO – DOVF Interview with Shawn Stuldivant

I love connecting and networking with like-minded entrepreneurial women. I believe that if we work together and help each other grow our businesses then it will always be a win-win for us all. When I first started Dose of Vitamin F, I tried to reach out to a lot of press to cover the launch of my new website and boutique.
Shawn Stuldivant was kind enough to feature me in her then new digital magazine Bronze Magazine. We have stayed in touch and networked on several other things in the past years and I’m so grateful we did. Today I would like you to get to know the women behind the brand the chic CEO/Editor-in-Chief/Boss Lady… Mrs. Shawn Stuldivant!

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TB: Describe yourself using 4 words
SS: Positive, caring, sensitive, and strong-willed
TB:  How do you define your personal style?
SS: I like to describe my own personal style as classic modern with a shot of trend J
TB: What three items would you never leave home without?
SS: Cell phone, lipstick/gloss, hair brush
TB: What’s your personal space personality: Hugs, Handshakes, or “Don’t touch me”?
SS: I’m a friendly person so I love to give hugs, but I will also give handshakes when appropriate.
TB: Where does your personal inspiration come from?
SS:  It naturally comes from a place within me. I’ve always been a nice person who believed in treating people with kindness and showing sensitivity towards others. I also like to be positive and optimistic, so I try to always project those kinds of behaviors onto others.
TB: How did you get into this (business/industry)?
SS: I got into magazine publishing quite by accident. I started Bronze Magazine in 2010 as a blog where I shared inspirational posts with other black women. I felt it important to share positive messages and inspire, rather than gossip and tear women down. I felt a responsibility to use my voice to uplift others and change the negative perceptions of black women that are often depicted in mainstream media.
I had never blogged before, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I was amazed when people started following me, providing positive feedback on my posts. It didn’t take long before women business owners, writers, and poets were contacting me about contributing to my blog. From there on, the blog took on a life of its own, growing and evolving into the magazine you see today. As of this past November, we celebrated 5 years of inspiring and empowering women of color.
TB:  What is your vision for your work?
SS:  I envision my work making a lasting, positive impact on others in the years to come.


Brown So Beautiful feature image

TB: Tell us about your newest venture, how did it come about?
SS: My newest venture is called Brown So Beautiful (formerly Love My Body, Love My Skin), a movement where women of color are encouraged to celebrate and embrace all that makes them beautiful, inside and out. It was born out of a desire to celebrate our various skin tones, body types, hair, etc., which are unique attributes not often celebrated in main stream media. I feel that this movement will aid in building a community of self-love and acceptance of our own beauty, regardless of whether or not it is celebrated mainstream. This movement is slightly different from the mission of Bronze Magazine, whereas it [BSB] solely focuses on us loving and accepting ourselves as we are, which makes us Brown So Beautiful!
TB: If you could interview any celebrity… who would it be? Why?
SS: I would love to interview/feature First Lady Michelle Obama. I respect and admire the work she has done over the years, especially with children. She is a true role model for young women of color who may be aspiring right now to be where she is today.
TB: Imagine that you were featured on the cover of an international fashion magazine in the year 2025, what would the title of your feature article say?
SS: Hmmm, let’s see. How about: Shawn Stuldivant, the Vanguard Award recipient for Women in Media shares the secret to her success. Yeah, that sounds about right 🙂


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Twitter: @BronzeMagazine
Instagram: @bronzemagazine


I am a Fashion Entrepreneur, the Creative Director and Editor-in-Chief at Dose of Vitamin F. My blog and website showcases unique and creative doses of fashion, trend news, and accessories. In my spare time I enjoy going finding out about new fashion, music, and art. I hope to expand Dose of Vitamin F into a version of the Huffington Post with a focus on all things creative.

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