Artist on The Rise: Justine Skye

20-year-old singer and songwriter Justine Skyers also known by her stage name Justine Skye, is finally getting the recognition she deserves a young artist.

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Who is Justine Skye? Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Justine Skye has been showing off her amazing voice every since she was a child. Justine Skye’s mother has always been in the music industry as an entertainment attorney, so Justine was introduced to the lifestyle at a young age. Justine Skye’s grandfather also played a part in her early singing career being that he was a politician she would sing at his inaugurations.
Justine started to upload videos via YouTube showcasing her singing skills when she was in high school trying to build a name for herself. Around that time Justine would go to different record labels to try to get herself out there, but they would always tell her she could sing, but she wasn’t quite ready yet. Since social media has become so powerful, Justine and groups of other Brooklyn teens would also post pictures and videos on Tumblr to show off their style and talents.
Justine Skye’s remix to rapper Drake’s song “Headlines” got her noticed and became very popular on Tumblr. Not long after that Justine dropped one of her first songs titled “Everyday Living” and it got popular. Justine says that record labels began to contact her and that’s when she decided to sign with Atlantic Records. Everyday Living was Justine’s first EP that described what she was going through that time in her life including her relationship and friendships.
Justine On The Rise: Justine’s song “Collide” featuring rapper Tyga was the hit that got everybody asking WHO IS JUSTINE SKYE? Justine’s second EP “Emotionally Unavailable” dropped on June 9th 2015, which shows her growth as an artist. Besides her music Justine is very involved with social media and is always doing positive things for her fans, which she calls Unicorns.
To learn more about the young singer follow her on twitter  or instagram @justineskye


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