A Chic Chat with Stark Raving Chic’s Bree Fesh

If you have been following the blog for the past couple of months you have probably noticed that we have a few new guest writers. One of which is Bree Fesh, who is also the owner of the versatile fashion and lifestyle blog – Stark Raving Chic!
Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com

Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com

Bree was kind enough to let me ask her a few questions  about herself, her blog and the future. Read on to find out about her love of hugs, mermaid hair, her love for Lana Del Rey, and the fabulous collabs she’s been working on within the fashion industry!

Describe yourself using 4 words
BF: Go-getter, loyal, spontaneous, fiery
What’s your personal space personality: Hugs, Handshakes, or ? Don’t touch me??
BF: Bear hugs please! Unless I don’t like you, in that case don’t touch me.
What did you eat before this interview?
BF: To be honest I haven’t ate in hours! But I had a Greek salad wrap at lunch, and am now having a nice glass of Cabernet.
What three items would you never leave home without?
BF: Chapstick, my wallet, and sunglasses.
Describe what you are wearing right this moment
BF: A black and white stripe A-line Calvin Klein dress and a black pair of Frye company flats. And of course Chanel No. 5.
How do you define your personal style?
BF: Classic chic with an edge (aka my mermaid hair and edgy cut!)
Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com

Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com

When did you fall in love with fashion/ (or other related area)?
BF: When I was 12 and my mother bought me a Harper’s BAAZAR subscription. However, fashion influenced me all throughout my childhood. And how I got into photography is my mother has a close friend who is a photographer.
Do you have any favorite shoe designer/fashion designer/artist/actor/filmmaker etc?
BF: Shoe designer: Christian Louboutin
Fashion designer: Paolo Sebastian
Actor/Actress: Brad Pitt/Jessica Lange
Filmmaker: Quentin Tarantino
Who is your style crush? (celebrity or regular person)
BF: Behati Prinsloo or Lana Del Rey, though in all fairness Lana Del Rey is my”everything” crush (sorry, Ev!)
What type of music are you currently into/listening to? Does music inspire you? How so?
BF: I honestly like a little bit of everything. When I’m writing I tend to listen to tracks by Bright Eyes or Florence + The Machine and obviously I LOVE Lana Del Rey. I also like The Black Keys, Fall Out Boy, and Eazy-E. And to be honest I don’t particularly draw inspiration from music but I use it to get hyped and motivated to work, I also love to dance to unwind after a long day of writing.
Who do you admire, or who inspires you within the art/performance/fashion world (dead or alive)?
BF: Definitely leading ladies such as Lauren Bacall, Audrey Hepburn, and Sophia Loren. And as for the fashion world, I adore Anna Wintour.
Where does your personal inspiration come from?
BF: It honestly comes from loads of brainstorming and loads of time on We Heart It and Pinterest *laughs*
How did you get into your current career?
BF: Well while growing up my mother had a lot of friends in the industry and as I got older I became more and more interested. Then I went to college for photography and writing, and now here I am, running a fashion blog and working as a photographer for s huge corporation. Hard work really pays off.
Tell us about your newest venture, how did it come about?
BF: Recently I started working with a company called Mirina Collection and they sell gorgeous handmade jewelry. Soon I will be doing a post on them and my readers will receive a promo code that can get them 20% off any purchase site wide! And honestly it came about with one of their reps asking me to collaborate via Instagram!
What is your vision for your work?
BF: Eventually I would like to work for a fashion magazine as a columnist, and continue to grow my blog business.
If you could work with anyone in the fashion industry, who would it be? Why? 
BF: I would want to interview Anna Wintour because I just think that she is such an influential, strong willed, and powerful female. I just think it’d be amazing to pick her brain!
Imagine that you were featured on the cover of an international fashion magazine in the year 2025, what would the title of your feature article say?
BF: A Decade of being “Stark Raving Chic”
Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com Photograph by Dave Marmarelli

Image courtesy of starkravingchic.com Photograph by Dave Marmarelli

What new ventures/events are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?
BF: To close out the year I have an article about a backstage Dior makeup show I was invited to and got to attend, which that one is up on the blog now. I have an interview with a local resale boutique call “WearWoof” and all their proceeds go to helping animal shelters. I will also be doing more collaborations with Mirina Collection in which I will be unveiling my personal promo code to get my readers 20% off of there jewelry purchase. So yay discounts!

Continue to follow Bree on her fashion and lifestyle adventures on Dose of Vitamin F and Stark Raving Chic as well as on social media:
Twitter: @StarkRavingChic
Instagram: @StarkRavingChic
Bloglovin’: Stark Raving Chic


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