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Alessia Cara

This 19 year old singer from Ontario’s lyrics are beautifully written and are connecting to audiences all over the planet.

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by Mariah Flores
*I’m sorry if I seem uninterested…*
Alessia Caracciolo, otherwise known as Alessia Cara, a singer/songwriter whose strong alto vocals help her deliver lyrical masterpieces that covers topics of love to self independence.
Her most popular song to date is titled “Here”. In the tune, she sings about a terrible party full of people she cannot stand, and how she feels she needs to separate herself. As the song continues, she describes the ever relatable feeling of wanting be alone in a crowd full of people who don’t really care about you. Cara’s ability to deliver witty and sarcastic lines about life in general draws people in.

In August 2015, Alessia released an EP titled “Four Pink Walls”. Its song choices range from the peppy Lauryn Hill-esque “Four Pink Walls”, which is the main track, to the brilliant teen anthem about growing up, “Seventeen.” She displays the ability to be a musical chameleon who can change from slow and serious love tales to scornful, yet comical songs about boys and their “stupid” ways in a cool hip-hop style.
Though she has just recently begun to get noticed, her fan base is wide and numerous. She is able to capture her fans’ hearts with lyrical illustrations. At only 19 years of age, she has a sort of “wise beyond her years” style that is appealing to the masses. Have you recently gone through a rough patch in life, where you needed a little more support, or do still have your old teenage angst and woe lodged in your heart. If so, Alessia Cara is the artist for you. She will soothe your pain, while making you want to sing along to each truth she speaks in her music.
Find his other accounts here: Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook
An Image from Complex of Alessia Cara

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