Why I chose to do the brow lift

To be perfectly honest, I never thought I would join the ‘I have had a plastic surgery’ club; it was simply something I believed was ‘out of my league’. I believed the girls who do that are shallow and too vain, and refused to even think about a surgery until I was sixty. It happened that I had to reconsider all that because of my eyebrows. I never knew how important person’s eyebrows are until I started having difficulties with mine. They stood too low on my face and had made my life miserable for several years.

The makeup hell

You know all those makeup tutorials for women with different eye shapes? Well, I felt like an alien because none seemed to work well on me, no matter what I tried I looked angry. Smokey eyes? No way Jose, I looked like someone had blackened my eye with a steel chair. And plucking my eyebrows into a very, very thin line was not really an option (of course I had tried it, and I looked ridiculous). Every trick for low brows there is on the web and in magazines I tried out and results were less than satisfactory. I fantasized about perfectly shaped eyebrows and smoky eyes makeup like other girls fantasize about boys and chocolate cake.

My mind became devil’s playground

Besides constantly wearing my ‘angry’ looks and freaking people out, I started seeing myself as a Neanderthal – low brow and dark eyes. After a while I perceived myself as hideous and repulsive, but it couldn’t keep going that way. Waking up every morning and seeing only your flaws in the mirror was not the way I wanted to spend my life. I like my eyes, and my eyebrows weren’t that bad, they were just very low on my face, and that wasn’t something that couldn’t have been taken care of. So there I had it – I scheduled an appointment with a plastic surgeon and we agreed I would have a brow lift.

The surgery…

My surgeon told me to quit smoking and suggested I ask a friend to take me home afterwards and stay with me for a day or two. He used local anesthesia, and it felt a bit weird but not too painful. I remember thinking to myself as they were operating ‘I could have imply slept through this’, but luckily it didn’t last very long. With my face freshly stitched and bandaged, I was driven home; I couldn’t wait for the stitches to be removed and for my ‘new face’ to shine.

and the aftermath

Vain as I am I freaked out most about a possibility to have a visible scar somewhere on my face, but my surgeon was wonderful and he assured me that wasn’t going to happen (and it hadn’t). I had to wear ice packs on my face for two and a half day because of the swelling and slight bruising, but my biggest problem was forcing myself to sleep on my back, believe it or not. I love sleeping on my side, but it was a sacrifice I was willing to make. Within three weeks my life was back to normal, only now I was thrilled to see my face in the mirror every morning.
People have confessed to me that in the beginning they were reluctant to talk to me when we first met for I gave the impression of a very angry and negative person. Low brows be damned! Now my face is smoother and fresh, and my personality also changed a bit – I became enthusiastic about makeup more, genuinely happier, and in love with my brows.


Chloe is a beauty and health enthusiast from Adelaide, Australia. Regular contributor at HighStyleLife and The Fashion Culte Magazine. Equestrian, and a mum-to-be. In love with koalas and Sicily.

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