Wear Now…Wear Later: Leather Crop Top & Plaid Mini Skirt

The weather is definitely starting to change, so how do you take items in your current wardrobe and make them cross-seasonal? Our latest blog series is here to help you answer that question.
Today’s post is about taking the crop top and mini skirt trend of the spring/summer and making it still work for the fall/winter season. 

When you wear this look in the spring/summer season it is best to pair it with minimal accessories and lightweight shoes or sandals. Here I paired the “wear now” look with cutout Oxford shoes and a cute crossbody bag. This way your outfit is still the center of attention and even though it’s a darker color palette, it looks light and carefree.
Then when you wear this look in the fall/winter season you can pile on the accessories and layers. Here I paired their “wear later” look with a pair of tights, patent leather booties, a satchel handbag and a zip front cardigan jacket.


What do you think of both of these looks?
How do you utilize your existing wardrobe to create wear now and wear later outfits?
Please share your comments below!


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