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Troye Sivan

This 20 year old Youtuber turned singer is taking the music world the storm.


by Mariah Flores
*My Happy Little Pill…
            Troye Sivan started his Youtube channel in 2012, and quickly garnered a huge following of adoring fans. Known for his quirky and outgoing personality, the Australian native expressed his musical skills early on, but it was not until more recently that his music became a “kind of a big deal”.

            Showcasing a synth pop tone, Sivan sings relatable lyrics that speak up about lost love and the ever consuming life of “crushing” on someone who does know you. After signing to EMI Australia in 2013, he released a sample of his talents in 2014 with his ep TRXYE, headlining his most popular song, “Happy Little Pill”. Embraced by his Internet fans and new followers, Sivan is becoming a force to be reckoned with. All over Spotify playlists to Twitter streams, the only way to go is up for the young singer.
            After the rapid success of TRXYE, he released his  mini album of six songs, titled WILD, in 2015, which is what he calls an “opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce you guys to all of the music I’ve got coming in 2015.” Filled with airy and fresh lyrics about tough heartache and love, Troye Sivan proves he is a force to be reckoned with. With more music scheduled to be released this year, you can be enticed and sucked into the world of intricate symbolism, relatable metaphors, and realistic imagery of what it means to be in love.
Troye Sivan is an up and coming artist whose talents are ever reaching, whether it be from behind a camera lense or a microphone. You can plan on falling in love with his breezy sound, or laughing at it his Youtube videos. Either way, plan on seeing more of him in the months to come.
Find his other accounts here: Tumblr, Instagram & Facebook

Artwork From His Album, WILDTroye2

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