Music To Know: The #ThrowbackThursday Finale

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It’s that time of the week to be reminiscent about the past and enjoy sharing your favourite memories. #ThrowbackThursday is also the perfect time to listen to old tunes from earlier years. All throughout the 90s, artists from all walks of life made hits. For the last and final edition of Music To Know, we’ll touch on three artists and one of their popular songs. Sit back and enjoy the nostalgic ride.

Lauren Hill

Lauryn Hill- “The Sweetest Thing”
Lauryn Hill’s distinctive style of singing is heavily displayed in this bittersweet love ballad. Featured in the popular movie “Love Jones”, “The Sweetest Thing” captures the reality of love and how it can end too soon, but the memories will always last. With perfectly placed riffs and clever wording, Hill’s hit is worthy of its popularity. If you ever need to a song that perfectly captures relationships and their inevitable struggles,  “The Sweetest Thing” is the throwback for you.
Listen here.
Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey-Always Be My Baby
Angels must sound like Mariah Carey. Her spectacular range allows her to reach extremely high notes along those in the lower spectrum. “Always Be My Baby” is the perfect tune to describe a love that will always be with you in your heart. It describes the idea of inseparable love and togetherness. Mariah Carey’s recognisable “Doo… doo…do-ah” that opens the song was recreated by the popular girl group Fifth Harmony in their song “Like Mariah“. When Carey is not hitting sky high notes, she is delivering relatable jams that will be major hits for many years. “Always Be Baby” may be your new favourite Mariah Carey song.
Listen here.
Aaliyah-One In A Million
The late Aaliyah’s legacy in the music industry was helped by hit tunes, like “One In A Million”. For those in relationships and “single pringles”, this song can be sung about love you have at the moment or about the love you dream of having. Filled with repetitive lines and choruses, it is enhanced by Aaliyah’s sultry and soft voice.
This song itself is “One In A Million” and will stand the trials of time. So if you want a unique and catchy jam, out.
Listen here.
The throwback has been real. Hopefully, you were not hit too hard by memories as you listened to this hits. If you had never heard if the songs or artists before, you may have gotten more “music to know”. Music is the perfect tool to use to escape the present and go back to the past. These women created and sang hits that will continue to touch and relate to people for years to come. #ThrowbackThursday is about embracing one’s past and being able to share it with the world. That is why it was the perfect way to end the Music to Know series. Music to Know allows you to not only remember the present artists and their great music, but it also allows you to remember and enjoy the artists who paved a way for them. Maybe now you can go out and share your own favourite songs from the past…#ThrowbackThursday
I hope you have enjoyed the journey through many lands of music. From indie to K-pop, rock to jazz, and covers vs originals, Music to Know has covered it all! Expand your musical horizon and until next time, keep finding more Music To Know!
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