Man Bun Coolness Featured in Ad

I usually don’t catch commercials because I don’t like to watch live TV, lol. However on occasion I have the TV on as background noise while I work and recently I caught a commercial that I had to watch.

The music is probably the first thing that I noticed after this man jumps onto his skateboard to skate down the middle of the street. From a marketing point of view, this commercial is so spot on in reference to how glasses are an accessory that tends to complement anyone’s personal style or personality. As an eyeglass wearer myself, I love the idea that glasses have become cool again and that not just one certain type of person is promoted as needing vision assistance, but eyeglass wearers are diverse as the many glasses that can be found at the store! has not shared a full video of just this commercial spot, but this ultra cool hipster businessman can be seen in clips from there montage that includes clips from all the commercials under the tagline “Style Has No Prescription”. Check it out below:

Have you seen the commercial with the man bun skater? 
What did you think?


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  1. I was just having a discussion with co-workers, as they were giving me a hassle that I occasionally rock the “man bun” when minutes later, this very commercial was shown! I felt totally vindicated! I looked to my co-workers and said, “See?!?! You redneck idiots! The man bun ROCKS!!!” LOL 🙂

    • Glad that we were able help you prove your point!! Keeping rocking your man bun with confidence!

  2. The commercial is smart and savvy. As a consumer, I think it’s market excellence. Who is the skateboard actor? He’s to die for! Also, your article reads very well and captures how I feel – I enjoyed reading it.

    • We thought so too! I wish I could tell you, he might really be a skateboarder turned actor for the moment lol. Thanks for the comments!

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