Anya Hindmarch Resort 2016 Collection Channels Rainbow Brite

The synopsis of the Rainbow Brite cartoon is as follows: “The adventures of the color protector and her friends (sidekick Twink, the color kids, her horse Starlite, and her human friend Brian).” –
Just in case you are not an 80s baby, I thought I would give a brief intro before sharing the images from the new collection by Anya Hindmarch.  Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoon shows growing up and whenever I see rainbows on anything I tend to think of the show to this very day!

Rainbow Brite

As soon as I saw Anya Hindmarch’s rainbow filled Resort 2016 collection on Moda Operandi yesterday, Rainbow Brite was the first thought to pop in my mind. Yes, of course first there was an obvious rainbow connection. However, when I thought more about it, I thought what if Rainbow Brite was a real person? and currently had a celebrity status as a child star? What  handbags would she be seen carrying as she walked around Hollywood?
Answer: It would be this collection!
(Yes, I know this is sooo silly to imagine, but it’s also fun to think about!)
This new Rainbow collection of resort bags range from $350 – $2500 on Moda Operandi. The collection includes a coin purse keychain, a rainbow mink scarf, leather tote, a vanity kit, a clutch and a satchel.
Take a look at all of the pieces below:



Don’t think you can shell out the total amount all at one time? You can put a deposit down  and place one of these new Anya Hindmarch bags on hold via pre-order on Moda Operandi!
So what do you think? Was I spot on with my observation?


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