Music To Know: The Global Edition

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The weekend is over and it is time to get back to the swing of things. What if I told you could go on a little vacation from the real world without having to ride an airplane or drive in your car. All you need is headphones, an electronic device, and your imagination. On this journey, you’ll be introduced to two major stars from two different parts of the globe.  Now close your eyes and open your ears to the wonders of music from all over the world.


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This popular male artist from Belgium is really named Paul van Haver. He has always been interested in music since age 11 and formed his own rap group. Stromae is a major figure in the European hip hop and electronic music world. From losing father figures to world peace, his songs always carry a message, though they have seemingly unrelated titles he has been able to conquer the world music charts. Stromae’s sound can only be described as eccentric and effective in his deliverance of his overall meaning. While his music, which he sings in French, is also extremely playful and quirky, you can feel the darker lining in his lyrics. In one of his most popular songs, Papaoutai, which translates to “Papa, where are you?”, Stromae touches on the loss of his father, due to the Rwandan Genocide, and how many young boys are forced to live without their father’s presence. If you want to listen to peppy music with a twist, then Stromae is your best call.
You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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The K-Pop fever has swept across the world and you’re about to get infected. This up and coming Korean boy band is made up of seven members. Their names are Jackson, Mark, BamBam, YoungJae, JR., JB., and Yoogyeom, and they come from all over the world. From America to China, their talent is what brought them together. While it may seem that all K-Pop bands are the same, GOT7 shows that is not true. From hip hop to pop, this group covers it all. They also have the dance moves to complement their awesome sound. Another plus is GOT7 is very involved with their fanbase. They post weekly videos on Youtube that range from dance rehearsals to silly challenges. Their songs are easy to remember and, since everyone is not fluent in Korean, they do sing in English (even if it is for a brief moment). Also, they touch on important issues, like positive body images (check out their new single “Just Right“). If you want to find some positive and fun music, GOT7  is just right. Pun intended You can find them on their website and Twitter.
Now you must return to the real world, but you can always go back to the beautiful country of Belgium or the vivid cities of South Korea anytime. Not only do these singers make great music, they are brave enough to send important messages to their fans and the world.
Come back next week for the big finale of Music To Know.


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