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Are you ready for new music and artists? Great, because this edition of Music To Know is extra exciting! In the music industry, many famous songs are actually covers, but the original song is usually done by lesser known musicians. From Youtube to Vine, many up and coming artists gain attention by these covers and are able to pave their own way in the industry. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with the new artists you are searching for this week and I am here assure you that it has everything to do with these following musical selections. Get ready to listen to two popular original songs covered by two indie duos. Though it may seem like a swindle, the musicians covering the songs add their own personal and unique flair while paying respect to the original version. Time to plug in your headphones…



  1. “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift covered by Us the Duo
The queen of pop’s popular anthem about shaking off the haters has racked in many great reviews and sales. However, the husband-wife duo, known as Us the Duo, takes the original and makes into a smooth and almost sultry version. The low male vocals that are heard at the beginning of the song mingling with the female vocals adds a haunting and captivating tone. Their take on “Shake It Off ” feels so natural coming out of their mouth, you can easily forget it is a best selling song and not a hidden gem of indie music. Us the Duo gained popularity on their Vine page and eventually scored a record deal with Republic Records. If you want to clear your head of the overplayed original, listen to Us the Duo.
Find them on Twitter and Facebook.


2.Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson covered by The Civil Wars
This classic hit is one of the King of Pop’s most recognisable tunes. With a brisk chorus that is super catchy, “Billie Jean” is by far one of the hardest songs to recreate. However, the Civil Wars did  not try to recreate anything; they transformed the song into a trance inducing piece of music heaven. The light guitar background placed alongside soulful vocals is the main reason their cover is one of my all time favourites. The female vocals chase after the male vocals in a playful melody and create the perfect sound for any music lover. Their subtle country accents really transform the original version into a whole new song. Sadly, the duo split in 2014, but their music still available on YouTube and Spotify. Moonwalk across your carpet as you are swept into musical bliss. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.
Some artists try to recreate the songs they’re covering by copying the original singer’s style. However, Us the Duo and The Civil Wars know how to  make a seemingly new song from an existing version by adding their own touch of magic.
What do you think? Are you more #teamoriginal or #teamcover?
While making that decision, hopefully you gain more artists and songs to add to your musical collection.
Comeback next week for more Music To Know.



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