Music To Know: Part Two

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Are you tired of hearing the same Taylor Swift song playing over and over again on the radio? Now you can escape those catchy lyrics about heartbreak while listening to these powerful, yet seemingly obscure female vocalists. From duos to bands, to the individual singer, the world of music has never looked so great. Plug in your headphones and settle in for a ride filled with breathtaking female talent. Seriously, who runs the world? That’s right! Girls.
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Marian Hill

This perfect duo is made up by Samantha Gongol and Jeremy Lloyd. A regular fixture at  music festivals, their music features hues of soft jazz compiled with a smooth saxophone in the background. Samantha’s rich and angelic vocals can almost send you into a trance. She levels out high note with a hint of low vibes. It’s enough to send chills down your spine. Marian Hill knows how to add in the rights beats. No song is alike with this delightful duo, and you’re sure to be surprised with their talent.
Find them on Instagram, Facebook and Soundcloud.



Florence and the Machine

Lead by the ever eccentric Florence Welch, this band feat eight members who can produce wonderful music. Florence’s strong vocals can be heard throughout memorable songs about bad days and love. With a hint of whimsical nuances, this band has many hits, like “Shake It Out”. Occasionally heard on the radio, Florence and the Machine are a rare gem among many stars. So the next time you’re feeling down or just need to shake out the rough times, listen to this group.
Find them on their website.


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Halsey is a growing indie pop singer. Her dark and rough style draws you into a net of relatable lyrics. The mystifying vibes from her songs are propelling her into major stardom, however her music is mainly heard through Spotify and Youtube. Halsey knows how to add in clever lines that really capture the mood of any situation. Let her electrify your soul. Fun Fact: Halsey is an anagram of her real first name, which is Ashley.
Find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Now take a break from the mainstream music scene and go explore the shadows of the indie female artists and bands.
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