Beautiful, Bold, Modern, Minimalistic: HEATHER LJØNES Jewelry NYC

hljones logoI had the pleasure of first meeting Heather Ljønes while attending The SET NYC’s Fashion Night Out event. I was immediately drawn to her displays, which were like pieces of art that had been formed into jewelry. Heather’s aesthetic is not only eye catching, it is also very innovative. I had the chance to interview the talented jewelry designer and get to know a little bit more about what makes her unique and creative. Read on to see what she had to say…

feature hl imageTB: Describe yourself using 4 words
HL: Adventurer, Innovator, Artist, Soulful
TB: What’s your personal space personality: Hugs, Handshakes, or “Don’t touch me”? 
HL: Hugs!
TB: How do you define your personal style?  
HL: Modern, Edgy, and Bold
TB: When did you fall in love with fashion or art?  
HL: I’ve been an artist my entire life, but a dream to work in fashion surfaced in middle school.
TB: Where does your personal inspiration come from?
HL: Style is a way of expressing yourself without having to say a word. As an artist, I view fashion as a wearable art, a living expression of creativity. I love how fashion trends move at the speed of ideas, and the ever-changing quality makes this art alive. I keep up with the trends to stay ahead of them, because making something unique drives my passion to create. The possibilities are endless, and each season is filled with the opportunity to innovative and share my expression of personal style with the world. I believe that creative expression of your individuality nourishes your soul.
TB: How did you get into this (business/industry)?
HL: I studied fine art & graphic design, started making jewelry on my own, then moved to NYC to attend FIT’s Jewelry Design Program. I got working in the Legwear Industry as a designer before the program started, and deferred my acceptance for work. Eight and a half years later I’ve finally left the Legwear industry to pursue my true passion–jewelry.
TB: What is your vision for your work? 
HL: To build a brand that is widely recognized and respected for innovation in design.


TB: What other projects or events do you have going on this year?
HL: Wow, so many things going on. (laughs)… One promotion that is currently running is a flash sale that ends Friday July, 31st at midnight. FLASHSALE, 20% Off! Goodbye July Sale is on. | SHOP:, use CODE: goodbyejuly at checkout | Offer Valid through 7/31/2015 11:59PM. 


Other than that, over the next couple of months I have something new and exciting going on:
August 6, 2015:  Fashion Industry Mixer at Bar Bordeaux, Heather Ljønes Jewelry will be a Featured Designer, Event Hosted by StylingON
Sept 12, 2015: NYFW (New York Fashion Week) Fashion Show & Market at Holy Apostles Ballroom, Heather Ljønes Jewelry will be a Featured Designer, Event Hosted by SETNYC
October 31, 2015: Runway Show & Market at Holy Apostles Ballroom, Heather Ljønes Jewelry will be a Featured Designer, Event Hosted by SETNYC
TB: What is your favorite quote or what is a statement/mantra you try to live by? 
HL: Everything Happens For A Reason.


Show Heather and her amazing brand some love: visit her website, shop the sale, plan to attend an upcoming event, or follow her creative posts on Instagram!
 Website:        Instagram: @heatherljoenes


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