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Are you a recently engaged fiancé or in a committed relationship and will be planning a wedding or ceremony event soon? Does the thought of having to find all the different vendors to help you with the flowers, decor, and other decision making factors make you a little less excited and want to just elope? Sure, you could get a Wedding Planner, but they still have to check in with you and may not be able to deliver what you really want for your special day.
Similarly to how when seeking out a new wardrobe, many women seek out the assistance of a fashion stylist to help them come up with an overall “theme” of their new wardrobe, a new bride might want to seek out the assistance of a wedding stylist to assist with creating a theme and overall process for their wedding.  How great would it be to have customized options already created for you that you could either then take as a “wedding portfolio to all of your vendors, or better yet work with a stylist who already has a relationship with credible and experienced vendors? There is now a company and service that will provide a wedding stylist to help you plan and execute your big day with ease and sophistication…

That’s where MOD Events by Jessie Lynn comes into the picture. Dose of Vitamin F wanted to learn more about this great new company and their  services, as well as get to know the woman behind the styling of these special day events. We decided to interview with Jessie Lynn for the blog and now we want to share her responses with you!
VF: What did you eat before this interview?
Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic Theme

JL: A yummy grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with tomato and bacon; the grown up classic!
VF: What three items would you never leave home without?
JL: My phone, My Business Cards & Lip Gloss
VF: Describe yourself using 4 words
JL: Creative, Driven, Caring, Blessed
VF: How do you define your personal style?
JL: Well, at the moment I am wearing a stretchy tank and longskirt with an elastic band, not my norm I promise, I’m 5 months pregnant. I would say my personal style is a mix of classic with flairs of unique pieces. I love to hear, “Where did you get that piece?,  I’ve never seen anything like it!” I also love to play up my makeup choices & I am pretty adventurous with my hair. 
 VF: Who is your style crush? (celebrity or regular person)
JL: Victoria Beckham. I love that she can go from Glam to Sweats and still look glam. I am also a huge fan of changing up my hair and whether long, short, dark, blonde hers always looks fantastic. Plus any mom that can rock heals like that is my hero.
VF: Do you have any favorite designers, artists, etc?
JL: Oh gosh okay…I am inspired by Giuseppe Zanotti’s wedding shoes, Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture, Eero Saarinen furniture design, Oscar De La Renta, Stone Fox Bride, Vera Wang & Anna Campbell’s Wedding Dresses, I collect  Jack Vettriano’s art, and really dig Quentin Tarantino films. Seems like the more I love their work, the hard it is to pronounce their name, lol.
Classic Wedding Theme

Classic Wedding Theme

 VF: Where does your personal inspiration come from?
JL: I find my personal inspiration in other women entrepreneurs. Since I have become self employed I have found an amazing new world of young, motivated, inspired women who are really pursuing their dreams and are successful at it. I find it especially inspiring that for the most part, these amazing women are so open to helping and lifting up others. I often think back to my grandmothers’ and even mother’s time and how far we have come as women, and how amazing this progress will be once my own daughters are ready to explore their passions and dreams.
VF: When did you fall in love with decor design?
JL: I have always loved pretty, whether it be clothing, home décor, nature, art, or events. Design has been a passion of mine since I was in high school & realized I could make a living making things look beautiful.
VF: How did you get into this (business/industry)?
JL: I have always known that I would in some way be in design. My passion started with interior design and was my major my first year of college. My creative side was so excited, but my practical side got nervous. I let others’ doubts in my ability to make a living in design sway me, and I started looking into “practical” careers with a steady income and high hire rates. I still craved the creative side and so I decided to go into education. I worked very hard to become a teacher, worked even hard as a teacher in a very challenging area with children that were dealing with unbelievable circumstances and had many wonderful and challenging lessons along the way. In the end, with the birth of my second daughter, teaching was no longer “practical” for me; ironically enough. It was in my time at home with my little ladies that I decided it was time to follow my true passion and go back to design. Although I will never regret my decision to teach, I feel that I am now where I am meant to be & I feel so happy and fulfilled every day. 
VF: What new ventures/events are you looking forward to for the rest of this year?
Image courtesy of The Big Fake Wedding Denver

Image courtesy of The Big Fake Wedding Denver

JL: MOD has been invited to do The Big Fake Wedding in Denver this August which we are so looking forward to! We also have several other more traditional bridal shows we are preparing for throughout the year. In addition to participating in these events we also have a few events of our own we are working on including a mini Bridal Show to show off our MOD Vendors & meet Brides, A Bachelorette/Girl’s Night Out Event & a Wedding Etiquette with Wine Night. Other than that we will be doing Weddings, Weddings & more Weddings, with a few anniversary parties, baby showers & other celebrations sprinkled in!  
VF: Where do you see your company in 5 years?
JL: In five years I see MOD Events as a staple in the Colorado Wedding Industry and beyond. My vision is to change the way wedding planning is approached, making it much more design orientated. After all what you remember of your wedding day is the look and feel of the day, not the timeline.
I see several beautiful storefronts in our future in which a Bride can walk in and experience what their wedding will look and feel like right there in front of her. I know with all of our wonderful vendors we will have fresh cut flowers, linen options, deserts to taste, samples to touch and hold, giving a full design experience that will become the way it is done in the wedding industry. It’s so exciting to think of all of the possibilities and everyday there is a door that opens with a new connection or fresh idea that leads us closer and closer to our vision.
VF: What is your favorite quote or what is a statement/mantra you try to live by?
Life is a beautiful path of both light and dark. The trick is to enjoy the light when it shines bright, and when the path grows dark you must know & believe the light is near and will be upon you soon. – Jesie Lynn

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