SUM Company makes SUM (sun)glasses…

Wayfarers have been an iconic sunglass style for decades, with the most popular reference coming from the memorable pantless dance seen Tom Cruise did while wearing some in Risky Business.

To this day I remember the blue wayfarers that I lost while at a park picnic.. I accidently threw them away when i was finished eating. They were my favorite sunglasses of all time, I wished I could of found a new pair of the exact or similar style, but usually when you are shopping for something that is specific you can never find it. Even when I was younger I liked to find accessories that expressed my love for the color blue, while being unique and creative. This is where customized shopping trends come in handy. SUM Company can make SUM unique and creative sunglasses for you!

Customers can either create their own custom sunglasses or shop the small curated collection that is already available for sale. No matter which option yuo chooe or how you customize your sunglasses they will still always cost $25.00. At this price you could make your friends and family their own pairs and give them as an awesome, “Look what I made” type of personal gift option. Or you could just tell yourself that and make several cute pairs for yourself. You could probably buy 5 pairs of SUM sunglasses and would still save more than you would on one pair of Ray-Ban’s. Yes, Ray-Ban’s are classic cool iconic wayfarers, but being able to customize a similar style for less than 1/2 the price is…well, priceless.

The break down of costs per part is as below:


I had to play around with creating my own SUM wayfarers just to see if I liked the options given for the custom combos. There are only a few options to select for each component that makes up your personalized pair of sunglasses. This would be the only thing that I would like to change, but understand giving customers too many options could get costly and more time consumiing. 

Check out my unique SUM creation below: 

They’re cute right?! Not sure yet if I will actually add them to the cart,or keep playing around with a few more combinations. Like I said before, for $25 a pair it doesn’t hurt to go ahead and buy a few pairs!

Now it’s your turn. Check out the website and get you SUM! ——> SUM Company


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