Contributor Chat: Interview w/ Donald Joseph

If you don’t already know this, we have some great guest contributors here at Dose of Vitamin F. Donald Joseph, is one of them.

Our youngest contributor to date, Donald is the Editor of the oh so fabulous fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog Très Charmant and a stylist at AJENT.  He is building his presence online as a notable fashion blogger, stylist, and entrepreneur all while attending school, and hopes to one day take over the medical industry as a very fashionable physician.

Images courtesy of

Images courtesy of

The man behind the Très Charmant brand – Donald Joseph.


19123467-blueberry-muffin-and-a-cup-of-tea-on-a-wooden-table4 words that describe me… Intellectual, Creative, Funny, Fearless.

My pre-chat meal was… A blueberry muffin and a glass of tea; two things I can’t live without. My daily dose of antioxidants is a must have.

I always grab these three items before I go out the door… My phone, wallet and keys.

It is hard for me to define my personal… I can’t. My style is constantly changing and I don’t think I will ever have a consistent style or a staple piece that people will know me by.

I definitely did some back to school shopping last month to update my wardrobe a little bit… I went to more common stores such as ZARA, Forever 21, H&M but I also had to go to my favorites, which are Neiman’s, Saks, and Calvin Klein. I picked up a few graphic tees and button downs from Forever, coats and sweaters from ZARA because we all know how cold schools can get. And H&M I snatched up some messenger bags to use for meetings after school and weekend study sessions. Then at the other stores I picked up some shoes one of them being these amazing neon yellow Sperry’s which I adore, some new fragrances including Tobacco Vanille and Legend by Montblanc and at Saks I picked up some sunnies, jeans, and skin care products. And we all know what we guys get from Calvin Klein haha.

shoes and sock style

Donald’s amazing neon yellow Sperry’s featured in his post about Wits + Beaux socks brand.

Fashion is part of my DNA… I honestly don’t remember ever falling in love with fashion. Fashion has always been a part of me and hopefully I can help others love and appreciate fashion too one day.

My thoughts on Blake Lively, Tom Ford, and Marc Jacobs… My style crush is Blake Lively. I’ve been obsessed with her since Gossip Girl and she has impeccable style. My favorite fashion designer is Tom Ford. My obsession with his sunglasses is insane, I have way too many pairs and many of which I don’t wear because I love them so much. I still to this day am most inspired by Marc Jacobs. He is a man that not very long ago looked as if he didn’t care about fashion (your cue to Google pictures) and I find that very captivating. I can’t relate to this aspect but I find his transformation riveting and inspiring. But most importantly, the man has some of the most amazing designs from his own line to his work at Louis Vuitton.

blake tom marc

Blake Lively. Tom Ford. Marc Jacobs. Images courtesy of Google search.

I started Très Charmant to share my thoughts, not to necessarily become a “blogger”… Actually, I have been reading blogs for many years and didn’t really think of creating my own blog until last October. Then one day I was scrolling through a list of new blogs and was a bit underwhelmed. After seeing them, I thought it would be a very neat idea for me to start one. I didn’t and still don’t care if anyone reads it because it is a way for me to talk about what I want and express my creative way of thinking and love for writing. I have actually always been interested in fashion pretty much my entire life, something I got from my grandmother, but my actual career aspiration lies in the medical field. I wanted to create creative platforms before I headed off to university as a way for me to unwind and not focus on math and science so much.

main image


I would love to interview… Lady Gaga. She is such an inspirational, nice, and beautiful person behind her eccentric outfits. It would be an appeasing experience to learn more about her and her creative process.

If I were featured on the cover of an international magazine in the year 2025, the feature title would read… “Fashionable Physician Donald Joseph named Creative Director of Chanel”.

When you check in with me 5 years from now… I will be in my first year of medical school studying non-stop for hours. I know it may not sound fun, but I have a thirst for knowledge. I also see myself being more involved in the fashion and beauty community.

My favorite mantra that I try to live by is… “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” – Mae West


Get more of Donald and Très Charmant – visit his website, follow him on twitter @stylebydj  or @tres_charmant and become a fan on facebook


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