Hey Guys, What’s Your Swimwear Style?

Swimming. An activity characterized by many as being exhilarating, freeing, or just plain fun. Although summer vacation is almost over for many of us there still is plenty of time to enjoy the beach and heat across the globe.

Some of us take little notices as to what we wear to the pool/beach etc., especially us guys. But there is one thing I can say is that there are certain types of styles certain men gravitate towards. There is the short-short man, the Speedo wearing dude or the long board short traditional lad. I myself fall in between the short-short and board short range. But there isn’t anything wrong with wearing the Speedo if you body is right for it.


The Short-Short Man

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts. Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

Robinson Les Bains Swim Shorts.
Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

The short-short man typically is a free and outgoing person. But he isn’t as free as the Speedo dude. He yearns to be as free but isn’t as confident to do so. Until he builds the nerve to wear the Speedo he found this alternative; which is the thigh hugging, leg revealing and short length swim short. They are less revealing than the board short but are not as revealing as the Speedo. So in essence this is the perfect alternative to skimpy swim attire.

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The Speedo Wearing Dude

Dan Ward printed swim trunks. Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

Dan Ward printed speedos.
Image courtesy of www.mrporter.com

The Speedo man isn’t afraid to show off his bod whether it be ripped or not. His friends may know him as a free spirit or as the clown of the group. This lad isn’t afraid to bare all at the beach or by the pool and will not let anyone tell him otherwise. He chose this so that he can let his body breathe and because he probably is used to wearing brief underwear so it would give him maximum comfort at all times.

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The Trad Lad

HUGO BOSS Floral Swim Trunks. Image courtesy of www.bloomingdales.com

HUGO BOSS Floral Swim Trunks.
Image courtesy of www.bloomingdales.com

The trad lad is traditional and likes to wear longer swimwear because they are comfortable for him and are his style. He probably won’t just sit down at the beach but will swim for hours, and maybe play some beach volleyball with friends. He also probably will plan to hang out with friends before hitting the beach so he want to wear something appropriate for wearing around town. With a funky pattern like this, you will stand out in the crowd and people will be lining up to ask you where you got these from even the Speedo dude.

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Ultimately when picking out what to wear to the beach wear something that suits your needs and is comfortable to you. If you want to wear something but feel embarrassed just go for it. Chances are the people that see you at the beach will never see you again anyway.

Tip: I recommend wearing flip-flops or waterproof moccasins to the beach. Don’t mess up your leather loafers, oxfords, or moccasins. Also, apply sunscreen every hour on the hour sunburns hurt. Ouch!!



Article by Donald Joseph, the Editor and Founder of Très Charmant a men and women’s fashion and lifestyle blog and also the Co-Founder of Shop Charmant, an online jewelry boutique.


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