Throwback Thursday: Hey, I Made You A Mixtape!

I might be showing my age with this post… who cares the 80’s & 90’s were great decades to grow up in! I used to love buying blank cassette tapes, setting up my boombox on the floor in my bedroom, recording my very own (introduction only) “radio show”,  and then adding live radio music or other tapes to complete my segment of the day. It took great skills to release the pause and press both the play and record buttons simultaneously… skills I tell you!

ANYWAY… Times have changed.

Today with the advancement of digital music, from time to time I get nostalgic and miss old school cassette tapes. But, there’s still hope…

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert.

Milktape USB thumb-drive cassette tape, case and playlist insert. is having a tech gadget sale, and I was excited to see a USB thumb-drive by Milktape Mixtape Co. that would give me the best of both worlds. It’s design blends the look of an old school tape with the digital technology of today!

Create a regular playlist, make a mixtape for the love of your life, or record a radio show ;)

Create a party playlist, make an old school mixtape, or record a radio show!

I could see myself back to the good ol’ days of the “Tenellesays” radio show.. and now I could share it with all of you!… Ya know you would love that ;). Or maybe I should create a hand selected playlist that speaks to my heart.. a “musical love note” – an old school mixtape, and it would actually still be on a tape! Genius, I tell you…genius.

Boombox iPhone Case Zero Gravity

Boombox iPhone Case Zero Gravity


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