Dark Suits For Spring – Inspired by Thandie Newton

I think actress Thandie Newton is as much talented, as she is beautiful and smart. She’s extra amazing, because she has a very “sophisticated cool” style vibe that fits her so well. She doesn’t ever look like she’s trying to hard to look fashionable or trendy, she just goes with what works for her. While perusing zimbio.com, I came across an image of her at a promotional event for her new TV series “ROGUE”. Ironically the outfit she was wearing inspired me to write a post on how to wear a dark suit in the spring!

Thandie Newton 1

Of course Thandie does business casual very well, so it was easy to find additional images as examples of casual suit style inspiration. It also seemed that she was prone to wear either Black or Navy suits no matter the season so that also helped showcase this particular idea of lightening up a dark suit for the spring. I decided on the following three images as examples of different ways you can wear dark suits in the spring, and what they say about your style.

1. Bold Color and Dress Shorts

This option is perfect for happy hour, casual event or dinner party. A nice lapel-less/mini shawl collar blazer with a Sateen finish, Tailored cotton shorts and a fuschia blouse, finished with strappy sandals.  It is a look that says “I’m bold yet sophisticated and playful… and this jacket will be coming off”.

Thandie Newton 2

Photo credit: Zimbio.com

2. Graphic Tee and White Heels

This next look is great for the office, attending a networking event, or even to a casual meeting with clients (especially if you are in the creative/design field). A more traditional notched lapel blazer with two welt pockets w/ flaps, and cropped pant suit that is most likely a lightweight wool blend , a fun monochromatic graphic tee of Batman, and white heels with a soft point. This look says ” I’m about business, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humor and super powers”.

Thandie Newton suit 1

Photo credit: Zimbio.com

3. Adding a eye catching floral print and shoes that complement the overall tone of the ensemble.

This final look is similar to look 2, but it could be taken more seriously because of the print. You could definitely wear this to the office or to important meetings just by changing the type of shoes you wear. This blazer and cropped pant suit in a light suiting fabric “check pattern”, a sheer dark background tropical print blouse and complementary color neutral (cognac) boots or heels. This look says “I’m rational and creative, I like to mix unexpected”

Thandie Newton suit 3

Photo credit: Zimbio.com

There’s more…

Check out the “Casually Suited” set I created with items that you can also wear with these dark suit looks. Which one would you wear? Leave a comment below.

Casually Suited



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