Comfort can be chic…

Happy Saturday! It’s the weekend… lounging around, going to brunch, running errands, or maybe even traveling is probably somewhere on today’s agenda. In most of these activities it’s ideal to be comfortable and still look like we made an effort to get dressed. A couple of weeks ago I came across this photo of Rihanna on Instagram traveling for her concert, and I thought it was such a great look. Which then inspired me to explore the new ways of styling comfortable clothes and still make them look chic. Think of it as my “sleepy to stylish” outfit tips!

Rihanna styled sweats

“What?! I’m wearing sweats and I still look fabulous!!”

If you’re like me I tend to want to be as comfortable as possible on the weekends but still look like I made an effort. There are several factors that can go into pulling off comfy chic. Similarly to how Rihanna has styled it, you can instantly upgrade your comfort by wearing heels. She also just doesn’t have on typical loungewear outfit, her pants have zipper details at the thigh and are slim fitting, and her top is a t-shirt/sweatshirt twist with the same details. Taking a few pointers from this look and looking back at how this trend has evolved, I came up with 4 main style tips. Use the tips listed below to help you look less sleepy and more stylish.

1. Interesting Details

Comfy Details

Whether it is zippers, color blocking, or contrasting fabrication… the details instantly give loungewear an edgy appeal and also add more interest to the outfit. Top off this look with shoes that also have special details.

2. Dress it up with the drape

Comfy drape

When you layer your look in the right way, you can create a very polished yet comfortable look. This is best achieved by finding a loose lightweight asymmetrical cardigan or topper piece, that you layer over a tank top or short sleeve blouse. For the pants you would want something that was loose fitting in the hip but that tapered down the leg. Top off this type of look with a great monochrome color suede heel to tie it all together.

3. & 4. Design and Pattern

Comfy design and pattern

The last two tips are pictured together, but can be paired with pieces in #1 or #2 as well. The design details on your loungewear can be applied as an embellishment or part of the construction, as shown here with the front pintuck down the leg of the pants. The pattern of the top could also be something you could look for in pants as well. So, both of these factors are interchangeable on different items. Since this look would have a lot of visual interest going on, it would be best to top it off with sneakers that are subtle yet  cool.

What’s your comfy chic style?


Comfort can be chic


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