Happy Earth Day Mother Earth!

Although today is dedicated to showing love to Mother Earth, some of us only think about what we can do better on this day. The hope is that we begin to start making it a goal to do better EVERYDAY!!

earth drop

You may think that you alone can’t make a difference, but you really do. Similarly to how a lake forms from many drops of water, your few actions towards are those little drops towards making the Earth a cleaner place to live. Find out more by visiting the epa.gov earth day pages: http://www2.epa.gov/learn-issues/learn-about-green-living

From recycling your paper and plastics, to donating your clothes instead of throwing them away, to taking public transportation or carpooling, to actually volunteering to plant trees, to using less water whenever necessary, as well as supporting green companies… there’s plenty of “green living” YOU can incorporate everyday!

So, in conclusion today and everyday:

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