Bracher Emden : A pleasant discovery!

I came to London with a dream to live by the iconic Thames River and work for a fashion PR Company. Today, the accessories brand Bracher Emden, has put me a few steps closer to making that all a reality. I’m now working in fashion PR while I search for a beautiful apartment by the Thames!

I was doing a work experience role with a media agency and at the same time rigorously applying for other permanent role, when I came across a tweet about Bracher Emden looking to assist their press and publicity department. I immediately replied to the tweet and an interview was scheduled and here I am! I have been working here for about a month now and I absolutely love it. No surprises as to why I decided to dedicate my new post after quite a break, to Bracher Emden.

Me by the Thames

For those of you who haven’t heard of this brand, it is a British luxury leather accessories brand, owned by British designer, Richard Emden who lives and designs in Thailand but has his whole set up in London. What a cool life! My hometown being Bangkok and living in London, I was more than excited when I heard of this. Thailand, where I grew up has been one of the most artistically inspiring countries and hence not surprised with Richard’s decision of physically working on his designs there. He comes down to London for fashion seasons for about six weeks and also travels to Paris for the trade part of the fashion weeks.

British Designer – Richard Emden (Bracher Emden)

Bracher Emden was launched in a humble studio in Covent Garden (London) in 2002, and since its being has only seen growth. Bracher Emden is an extremely unique collection of accessories, best described by Richard as “top grade contemporary where medieval meets art deco, meets futuristic, meets superhero on a battlefield”.

Lusted after by likes of some of the world’s most high profile celebrities, such as Beyonce and Rihanna, Richard’s individual pieces have all been inspired by super heroes. This season Bracher Emden did three catwalk collaborations, Bibhu Mohapatra at NYFW, and Bora Asku and Emerson at LFW and in the past have collaborated with Jean-Pierre Braganza.

Bhibhu Mohapatra – Spring 2013

Bora Asku – Spring 2013

Emerson- Spring 2013

Jean-Pierre Braganza – A/W 2012

This has to be my new favorite fashion accessory brand with quite a few handbags and clutches that I am absolutely in love with. The large black Geo clutch takes the cake, with such a unique silhouette which I haven’t seen so far with any other designer and the Bracher Emden for Bhibhu Mohapatra Blue Tote, is my definite next purchase when I do decide to treat myself with a fancy handbag.

Geo Clutch – Bracher Emden (click to shop)

Bibhu Mohaptra tote – Bracher Emden (click to shop)

Bracher Emden had the honor of being on the main window at Harrods (London) and Henri Bendel (New York). Currently, the countries where the brand is available are Dubai, China, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Maldives, Nigeria, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UK and USA.

Have a look at , and I am sure the sight of the pieces will have you wanting to indulge! Happy Shopping!


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