All Aboard The Louis Vuitton Express!

Imagine being aboard a train of one of the biggest names in the fashion and designer world. Sounds like a fairy tale. Well, this is dream that none other than Louis Vuitton can make you experience with your eyes wide open.

The audience assembled at a life size station with a station clock, high ceiling, once all were seated, steam was released, the false floor slide away to give way to the train tracks and quite dramatically a one carriage train arrived at one of the courtyards of the Louvre in Paris. The passengers were female models, visible from the glass windows wearing creations by Marc Jacobs carrying luggage by Louis Vuitton.  The passengers emerged from the carriage who were helped with their luggage by the “porters” and then walked the runway showcasing the fall collection.

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This magnificent, larger than life scene was another attempt by Louis Vuitton to raise the bar and I can most confidently say, it was definitely a success at that.  This was a show put up with the combined efforts by Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs earlier this year at the Paris fashion week. This train caught my eye, as it is a very novel concept, and breathes a new life to the regular catwalk shows done year after year.

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The piece of news that delighted me was, that this train is going to do a second appearance soon. Louis Vuitton is reoepening their first store in Shanghai, and they are bringing back the mind blowing Louis Vuitton express back for the show. The train leaves Paris on the 5th of July and reaches Shanghai on the 19th of July. The whole journey and the show will be recorded and documented on the dedicated website

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Such level of creativity leaves me in total awe. It is amazing what boundless imagination and innovation can create. It leaves me in no doubt that the world of fashion will keep us all hooked, by their revolutionizing and unique concepts in the future as well.


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