Styled by Vitamin F- “Tonight”- John Legend

As we stated in the previous post, we love the styling for John Legend’s new video “Tonight”. In this post we take a look at John’s look and show you our versions.

In the opening of the video we are introduced to a shirtless John Legend, but soon enough a very dressed and dapper John appears in a perfectly tailored Dark Navy/Black 3pc suit, White fitted shirt, with a Matte Black satin tie and neutral print pocket square.
Here are a few stills from the video.

Here are High and Low Styled by Vitamin F versions of his suit look.


Alfani Red 3pc Vested SuitMacysBOSS Matte Satin TieSAKS, Stanley Lewis Pochette Pocket SquareStanley Gentlemen, A. Testoni Leather Lace Up ShoesSAKS



3pc Vested Photographer SuitExpress, Solid Black Satin TieZara, Paisley Pocket SquareMacy’s, Pointed Blucher shoes Zara

I hope that you have enjoyed this fashion and music moment, feel free to comment below!



  1. where can i buy the smart fitting dark navy/black suit worn by john legend on his music video ‘TONIGHT’?i just can’t stop imagining it on me!please advice!


    • When this post was created we searched for the suit he was wearing and couldn’t find out, the fit IS amazing. We would assume Tom Ford or Armani, but that’s just a guess.

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