4 New Style Tips from Effie Trinket!

I can’t honestly say that I have seen The Hunger Games, the “Must See Movie Of the Year”, as of yet…but I plan to! One of the highlights aside from the great background story and action scenes is the one character that has everyone’s attention.. Effie Trinket.

Effie Hunger Games Poster - Hunger Games Blog

Photo from Entertainment Weekly

This bold, colorful, overly joyous, not to be trusted character played by Elizabeth Banks is the main attraction within fashion news surrounding the film. The costume design for Effie’s character may be the extreme in relation to what Elizabeth is used to wearing, but she has had red carpet success on the promo tour as well as other appearances. We applaud her own unique and creative style as well!

Photos courtesy of zimbio.com

Premiere photos courtesy of zimbio.com

So what better way to honor the escort of the District 12 tributes than a highlight of her “tribute” to new fashion trends that will be great additions to your Spring/Summer looks!

1. Fluttering butterfly eyelashes


Now available at Sephora for only $9

Small Peacock butterfly at PaperselfStore.com

2. Big flower Hair and Clothing accessories

Photos from hungergamesmovie.org

Orange Gladiola Flower clip from flowerclip.com $18

3. Shiny peep-toe booties

These 24 Karat gold booties by Alexander McQueen may not be in everyone's budget but there are many other affordable options out there!

Mossimo Venezia Pewter Peep toe Pump at Target

Studded Open toe heel at BCBG

Gold glitter 'Urge' platform peep toe booties at Jimmy Choo

4. Decorative Nail Adornment

Elizabeth Banks' blog photo of one Effie's nail designs

Effie's two tone gold and plum nails - photo courtesy of little-nails.blogspot.com

The top nail design is done with more adornment than the nail design above, but many nail artists have posted their own version of DIY Effie Trinket inspired nail art.

Version done by Polish Vixen


so which

So which, if not all of these Effie Trinket Style “tributes” will you be trying? Feel free to comment below 🙂


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